Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Summer and a Freebie For You!

Greetings from Taryn at Taryn's Unique Learning. I hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying summer to the fullest.  Here is Ohio it's been a hot and humid one as usual.  I have had the "pleasure" of moving my classroom (dripping sarcasm) to a new "closet" the last few days.  And just realized how much teaching stuff I actually have.  I just held a "Teacher Garage Sale" and while it went really well, it barely made a dent in the amount of items I actually have.

Anyway, while taking things down in my classroom and moving them down the hall, I sure have had time to think about some of my favorite items in my classroom. This product (just updated) is one of the most important things I have visible to students in my classroom. So I decided to give it a little face lift. It is now posted and ready for you to download. They are my Vowel Identification Stars.  Simply print these stars. Add some glitter if you like for extra pizzazz and then laminate them.  Hot glue a clothespin to the back and clip onto the vowels on your alphabet chart.  And you are ready to go.

See, I bet you are thinking some of your emerging students don't know the difference between a vowel and consonant or they get the two confused.  These stars will help your kiddos by identifying the vowels for your students. And then  you just may see at least one vowel appear in those words they are trying to write!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  And of course, I would love to hear what you think about the stars
right here or on my TPT site.

Until Next Time,
Taryn's Unique Learning

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