Saturday, May 23, 2015

1st grade ELA

Hi!  It's Carol from The Chocolate Teacher.  Are you ready for summer?  Are your kids fidgety & hard to keep focused?  I have a fun freebie activity to use as review and get your kiddos up and moving!  It's a summertime scoot game. 
I love scoot because it gets my kids moving AND they have to stay focused to keep playing.  My first graders are pros at scoot activities now!   If you've never played before, the directions are included in the download.
This activity worked well for my first graders and I think it would be great review for 2nd graders.  I made the recording sheet so that the kids can circle the word type instead of trying to write it out. 
If you'd like to give it a try, click here:

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Thanks so much!
I have four days of school left and I AM READY for a break!!

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  1. Thanks Carol! What a great freebie! I'm going to give this a go with my littlies today.